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When was the last time your business was PAT Tested?
The Health & Safety Executive recommends all businesses have their electrical appliances maintained regularly by a competent person.

Who Needs PAT Testing?
If you are a business owner or landlord then you have a duty of care to your staff or tenants to ensure that any electrical portable appliances provided are safe to use.
This includes appliances in shops, offices, hotels and guest houses, cafes, and restaurants, public houses, public buildings, schools, residential homes and construction sites.
We provide a reliable testing service where every appliance is tested with up to date equipment and subject (where applicable) to a nine point test.

1. Plugs – Checked for compliance, damage and correct fitting
2. Fuses – ensure correct rating fitted
3. Cables – checked for wear and tear, heat damage, cuts or abrasions
4. Appliance housing – checked for compliance and damage
5. Earth bond – ensure earthing of appliance meets acceptable standards
6. Insulation – check the insulation protecting conductors is OK
7. Load test – checks the equipment and fuses operate correctly
8. Earth leakage – measures the leakage current to earth while operating
9. Function - to ensure appliance is fully operational

Every appliance that passes the inspection is labelled with an ID number, test date, retest date and barcode. Minor repairs undertaken FOC. A full test report will be issued.