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What is G98 / G99?
G98 is a ‘Fit and notify’ installation.
G98 is a simple connection procedure for Fully Type Tested systems (3.68kWp AC single phase, 11.04kWp AC three phase), under 16A per phase, systems are installed on an install and inform basis. If the Micro-Generator to be connected is installed in compliance with G98. The DNO can be notified of the installation under G98, up to 28 days after the commissioning date.

G99 is ‘Apply to DNO for approval BEFORE fitting installation’

For installations of above 3.68kWp per phase, but 50kW or less (If you have a three-phase supply, each phase must be 17kW or less.) For these larger projects, we will need to agree with SSEN on how best to connect your generator to DNO network. Unfortunately due to grid constraints SSEN are not allowing any G99 installations at present in Orkney.

Both G98 and G99 are mandatory requirements for Micro Generators to be fitted in parallel with the grid. If your installer is not notifying or applying for your installation then the DNO have the right to disconnect the generator.