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Information to consider before installing solar PV.

Before contacting us it’s a good idea to check a few things first:

Do you have enough roof space that’s facing south or as near as possible to south? The further from south your roof’s orientation, the less effective your panels will be.
Are there any obstructions to the sunlight hitting your roof such as trees or nearby buildings? Obstructions that block the sun will have a negative effect on the output of your array.
Is the inclination of your roof suitable for a solar panel array? 30° from the horizontal is optimal.
The majority of UK roofs have a tilt between 30° and 45° though a roof with a tilt of between 0° and 50° from the horizontal should provide a good output.
Do you have permission for the improvements? If you own your property then usually you will not need any planning permission (listed buildings are one exception). If you do not own your property then it will be necessary to attain permission before works are carried out.

Wirebrigade are experienced Solar PV installers and can help you save on your energy consumption.